My Lyfe


i was born on december 17, 1992 in Las Vegas. when my mother was released from the hospital and she was walking out the doors it began to snow. for about 5 more years we lived in Vegas. Then my parents and i moved back to our roots, Salt lake city. there my sister was born. the next four years were spent in salt lake, when the four years were up my mother and father divorced. the next big step was my mother sister and i moving to new hampshire, which was one of the worst years of my life. but in new hampshire was the most beautiful places i've ever been. while in new hampshire my mother was training to become a teacher at the waldorf school system. that is essentially how i came to be within the valley, but im getting ahead of myself. a year before my arrival in the valley, i moved back in with my father. while in salt lake city i went to the arts academy near the public library. the following year i moved back in with my mother here in the valley in 7th grade. because my mother was teaching at the waldorf school both of her children were privelegd enough to have free intuition. the only way to describe the waldorf education is that when your apart of the system, you dont what to be in it, but once your out all you want is to go back. freshman year at basalt high school came around and then my life completely changed. that first year really messed with me, i had a really hard time in school, and my friends were just as busy, and my mother worked her but off for me and my sister, so i was left alone for a long time. sophmore year came and i realized that basalt was not working for me. i made a transfer over to bridges high school which was the best fit i could've ever found, however like all good things i only lasted a semester there. i transfered to roaring fork where i didn't even last the quarter. finally on my junior year i found a school that fit perfectly. YAMPAHHHHH!!!!!!!!