Bonedale faiR

ive been volunteering for Mtn. fair for a couple years now and i can say its been one of the coolest experience i had. different jobs bring different benefits. for instance 3 years ago i volunteered as a schlepper of instruments and equipment for the bands that played. i got full access to the backstage which was a tent behind my chill spot, they laid down carpets and brought in chairs and tables lamps and sometimes a hooka was set up. at the time i wasn't allowed to smoke tobacco, so i didnt partake at the time. i was able to meet some of the coolest people as well. the director for the whole event, was actually a friends mother, Amy. she's a crazy cool old biddy who loves the community and people. and last year i was able to meet a jamaican band, later on i saw them at the same party and got to chill with some of them. i learned that smoking weed in rastafarianism is'nt as big of a deal as people think, and that they only smoke out of rolling papers because they believe its healthier, apposed from a pipe having to relight it with matches or butane lighters.

Back to the kidS

3 years ago i took a class to help children at the local elementary school practice their reading. i had a great time with the kids there. in some cases kids were really hard to teach but most of the time i feel that we had good times. i also learned alot about how i feel about having kids. and my conclusion is "not for a loooong time".
hopefully in my near future i want to have a farm where kids can come and learn how to grow foods and other basic survival skills.